We are TheraKann,
a Medical Cannabis
company in Greece.

We are investing in medicinal cannabis treatments that refer to neurological, pain relief and other syndromes, and we eagerly offer our services for a better life, better recovery and less pain. Healing reinvented through natural resources.

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Dermikann’s products are carefully formulated to align with the principles of a natural approach to healing. We prioritize using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, ensuring that our products are free from harmful chemicals and additives. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant, we offer natural remedies that promote balance and well-being, providing our customers with a holistic and sustainable path to better health.

Our Products

Pioneering a New Era of Medicinal Cannabis in Europe

Therakann provides high-tech products that focus on patient care and relief. The manufacturing facility in Greece will follow EU GMP guidelines and FDA guidelines, allowing us to reach most countries around the world. With offices in the UK and Germany, we offer a range of safe and targeted products to patients.

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